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WSU Food Systems HUB

We are re-vitalizing the HUB!

In 2020 the WSU Food Systems Program created a networking and resource sharing space which we now call the HUB. We are re-launching this event to meet current needs as a monthly public series February – May 2023 on third Wednesdays at 1 pm Pacific. You can sign up for a single event or the whole series here.


  • Wednesday February 15th at 1 pm Pacific
  • Wednesday March 15th at 1 pm Pacific
  • Wednesday April 19th at 1 pm Pacific 
  • Wednesday May 17th at 1 pm Pacific


Register for the HUB Series February - May 2023

Debra Hansen and Clea Rome will be our first presenters on their experience with Ripple Effects Mapping on February 15th, 2023.

The HUB was created as a dynamic tool…

More about the HUB:

In response to COVID-19 the WSU Food Systems Program created the HUB. We are re-vitalizing this important professional development and networking seminar in 2023 to meet current needs.

You can view all the previous HUB episodes on our YouTube Channel.


The HUB convenes leaders from across the Washington State food system and draws from our 7 Focus Areas:

Sustainable Production Practices, Equitable Access, Energy and Waste Reduction, Processing and Distribution, Economic Benefits, Policy and Regulation, Farmland and Resource Conservation, in addition to the WA Food and Farm Finder.


Who is the WSU Food Systems HUB for?

Leaders from across the Washington State food system, from farmers and educators to advocates and resource providers:

  • Community-Based Orgs
  • State Agency Staff and Specialists
  • WSU Food Systems Team Members
  • Farm and Food Businesses
  • WSU Extension, Research, & Academic Faculty and Staff

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View all our past HUB Calls on our YouTube Channel: