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Winter 2023 WSU Food Systems HUB Call Series: Episode 4

Posted by aba.kiser | May 19, 2023

Wednesday May 17th, 2023

Linda McLean, Colville Reservation WSU Extension: Developing Relationships and Collaborative Efforts with Tribal Audiences


Download Linda McLean’s Powerpoint Presentation: Communicating with Native Audiences


About the Speaker:

Linda McLean is the Director and Agriculture & Natural Resources/4-H Educator for the Colville Reservation WSU Extension office. She has been employed with WSU Extension for 16 years and is a 4-H Alumni. As the Tribal Extension Director, Linda has developed good working relationships with the Tribal Natural Resources programs and maintains these connections in a professional and trustworthy manner. Linda has a strong background in agriculture and food sovereignty, with hands-on experience raising beef cattle and vegetables. She is passionate about agriculture and safe food production. As an Extension educator, Linda’s role is to help educate people about growing and producing their own food. She has organized, planned and taught a variety of different gardening workshops. Linda’s knowledge of tribal history, culture, government, and traditional ecological knowledge is an asset to maintaining a WSU Extension office on the Colville Reservation.  


Links Shared On The Call:


More about the HUB: In response to COVID-19 the WSU Food Systems Program created the HUB. We are re-vitalizing this important professional development and networking seminar in 2023. Learn More Here. @wsufoodsystems 

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