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Food Systems Innovation Events


We’re getting ready to launch something pretty darn exciting with our partners at WSDA!!! Keep an eye out for the new WA MEAT UP website and be sure to follow the handle @wameatup on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

We want to catalyze collaboration and entrepreneurship along every link of the niche meat supply chain in Washington State. Through our unique brand of Food Systems Innovation Events, we are inspiring change, building resilience, fostering viable farm and food businesses, and promoting scaled processing and distribution.

Are you a PRODUCERPROCESSORRESTAURANTEUR or RETAILERRESEARCHER or RESOURCE PROVIDERREGULATORADMINISTRATOR, or LEGISLATOR interested in developing a strong local meat economy? Then you should be at the WA MEAT UP!!! Save the date (August 26th) and stay tuned!



The Cascadia Grains Conference and supporting events bring together farmers, bakers, brewers, distillers, brokers, investors, policy-makers and others to strengthen the role of grains in our local food economy by sharing the latest science, techniques, and developments, as well as creating a space in which new business, policy and research relationships can form and existing ones can be strengthened.