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Winter 2023 WSU Food Systems HUB Call Series: Episode 1

Posted by aba.kiser | February 20, 2023

Wednesday February 15th, 2023

Debra Hansen and Clea Rome:​ Ripple Effects Mapping



Ripple Effects Mapping (REM) is a versatile participatory evaluation tool. The intent of REM is to collect the untold stories and behind-the-scene activities that can ripple out from a specific program or activity. Designed to work effectively for gathering evaluation data from program participants, community or coalition partners, or other groups. Effectively identifies what has occurred, as well as what is not occurring Provides an opportunity to decide what direction the community, coalition, or group should head next. Overall, the REM process is an effective way to get information from participants and on to paper in a visual way.


Debra Hansen is a professor and WSU Stevens County Extension Director, focusing on Community and Economic Development in rural Stevens County.  She was one of the original architects of Ripple Effects Mapping, developed in 2008 to discover poverty reduction outcomes in individual communities who participated in Washington’s Horizons community leadership programs.  She continues to map programs and train others to use this engaging tool. Debra has a Masters degree in Adult Education from Penn State.


Clea Rome is an Associate Professor of Community and Economic Development and Director of WSU Clallam County Extension. She oversees Extension programs in agriculture, community food security, and waste reduction.  Prior to joining WSU Clallam County Extension, she worked with the US Department of Agriculture working on resource-based community and economic development projects. Clea has a Masters degree in Landscape Architecture from the University of Michigan School of Natural Resources and Environment. 




More about the HUB: In response to COVID-19 the WSU Food Systems Program created the HUB. We are re-vitalizing this important professional development and networking seminar in 2023. Learn More Here. @wsufoodsystems 

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