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Winter 2023 WSU Food Systems HUB Call Series: Episode 3

Posted by aba.kiser | March 16, 2023

Wednesday April 19th, 2023

Liz Carlisle and Marcia Ostrom on Participatory Action Research




Liz Carlisle, Author of “Healing Grounds, Climate, Justice, and the Deep Roots of Regenerative Farming

Liz Carlisle is an Assistant Professor in the Environmental Studies Program at UC Santa Barbara, where she teaches courses on food and farming. Born and raised in Montana, she got hooked on agriculture while working as an aide to organic farmer and U.S. Senator Jon Tester, which led to a decade of research and writing collaborations with farmers in her home state. She has written three books about regenerative farming and agroecology: Lentil Underground (2015), Grain by Grain (2019, with co-author Bob Quinn), and most recently, Healing Grounds: Climate, Justice, and the Deep Roots of Regenerative Farming (2022). She is also a frequent contributor to both academic journals and popular media outlets, focusing on food and farm policy, incentivizing soil health practices, and supporting new entry farmers. She holds a Ph.D. in Geography, from UC Berkeley, and a B.A. in Folklore and Mythology, from Harvard University. Prior to her career as a writer and academic, she spent several years touring rural America as a country singer.


Marcia Ostrom, Director WSU Food Systems

Marcia Ostrom is an Associate Professor and Extension Specialist in the School of the Environment and the Food Systems Program at Washington State University. She leads interdisciplinary extension and research programs to improve the sustainability and equity of regional food and farming systems. She established the Small Farms Program, the bilingual Cultivating Success Program, the Immigrants in Agriculture Program, and the WSU/Tilth Farm Walk Program. She co-leads the Washington Coming Together for Racial Understanding (CTRU) Program. Her efforts to improve the diversity and equity of agricultural extension programs have been recognized with awards from WSU; the Association of Public and Land-Grant Universities; the Agriculture, Food, and Human Values Society; the Fulbright Program; and the W.K. Kellogg Foundation. She teaches undergraduate, graduate, and extension courses and advises graduate students in sustainable agriculture, agroecology, food systems, and extension. She holds a Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin, an M.S. from Cornell, and an A.B. from Harvard.


Links Shared On The Call:


More about the HUB: In response to COVID-19 the WSU Food Systems Program created the HUB. We are re-vitalizing this important professional development and networking seminar in 2023. Learn More Here. @wsufoodsystems 

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