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Marcia Ostrom

WSU Food Systems Program Director
Professor, Sustainable Food and Farming Systems
509.293.8799 office
509.630.1262 mobile


WSU Food Systems Staff - Kate SmithKate Smith

Sustainable Food and Farming Systems Education Program Lead


Jennifer Bryan-Goforth

Food Systems Coordinator Specialist 

WSU Skagit Extension

360-610-7458 mobile


WSU Food Systems Staff - Doug CollinsDoug Collins

Extension Specialist

The WSU Food Systems Leadership Committee consists of:

Clea Rome
Linda McLean
Diane Smith
Hannah Brause
Holly Henning
Jen Moss
Lynne Carpenter-Boggs
Lizann Power-Hammond



The WSU Food Systems Team is a multi-disciplinary voluntary group of both WSU and non-WSU professionals working across the food system. We partner with communities throughout the state to foster viable farm businesses, optimize sustainable natural resource stewardship, and promote scaled processing and distribution, always in the pursuit of access to healthy food for all.