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Week 1 – Introductions, Sustainability Concepts, & Whole Farm Planning

Posted by tia.taylor | October 9, 2020

Presenter’s Power Point:

PowerPoint – CS – WFP – Week 1 PPT

PowerPoint – CS – WFP – Week 1 PDF

Recorded Lecture:

Recording – Cultivating Success™: Whole Farm Planning – WEEK 1 – Intros, Sustainability, Whole Farm Planning

Learning Objectives:

  • Gain an understanding of the course curriculum and expectations
  • Understand the principles of farm sustainability
  • Learn practices that promote long term viability for small farms
  • Become familiar with whole farm planning concepts and understand the importance of developing a whole farm plan
  • Become familiar with tools for developing your whole farm plan
  • Learn how and why to assess your personal interests and strengths
  • Learn how to develop a farm goals statement


  • Course Introduction and Expectations
  • Sustainability Related to Small Farming & Ranching
  • Whole Farm Planning Concepts
  • Tools to help farmers in Whole Farm Planning
  • Explore framework for developing a Whole Farm Plan


Resource – Exploring Sustainability in Agriculture PDF

Resource – Sustainable Agriculture- An Introduction PDF

Resource – What can I do with my small farm PDF

Resource – Holistic Management: A Whole Farm Decision Making Framework PDF

Resource – Whole Farm Planning at Work: Successful Stories of Ten Farms PDF

Resource – Whole-Farm Planning for Economic and Environmental Sustainability PDF

Whole Farm Planning Template:

Whole Farm Planning Template PDF

Whole Farm Planning Template DOC

Whole Farm Planning Examples:

Example – Market Garden PDF

Example – Mushrooms PDF

Example – Raspberry Farm PDF

Example – Raw Milk Dairy PDF


Assignment – Developing your Farm Goals DOC

Assignment – Identifying Farm Related Interests DOC

Self Assessment – Whole Farm Planning DOC

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  1. Jocelyn Burns says:

    Great information, I wish this was all published in a binder somehow.

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