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Farm Walk Schedule

We’ve been hard at work collaborating with our partners, Tilth Alliance, to pull together Farm Walk 2019. Take a look at the farm hosts from all over the state and be sure to save these dates!


Bright Ide Acres

Pasture Raised Meat: Pasture Management, Ethics, and Slaughter

Monday, May 20th

Orting, WA

Come meet farmers Andrew and Micha Ide of Bright Ide Acres in Orting, WA, a farm enterprise dedicated to the production of ethically raised meat on pasture. Well explore the rotational grazing system in place for poultry, sheep, and pigs on this 30 acre farm, and see the latest no-till pasture renovation trials being conducted in collaboration with WSU researchers. Well also have the chance to view the WSDA on-farm slaughter facilities at Bright Ide Acres, and will consider the regulations and food safety standards necessary for this type of operation. The Farm Walk will conclude with a Pierce Conservation District no-till drill demonstration for seeding forage or cover crops. A no-till drill training will also be available for those who wish to rent this equipment for their own use (sign up here).

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Bluebird Grain Farms

Ecological Soil Management for Organic Grain Production

Thursday, June 13th

Winthrop, WA

Organic Heirloom Grains From Plow to your Plate! Find out how Bluebird Grain Farms uses cover crops and other soil health management practices to care for the earth they farm in the Methow Valley. Our host, farmer Sam Lucy will discuss tools for monitoring soil health such as soil and water testing and the importance of his cover crop regimen. We will also get a taste of what it means to be a plow-to-package grain farm as we touch on Bluebird Grain Farms processing operations including why they decided to vertically integrate and how they control for quality to produce fresh, safe, and delicious grains.

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Spoon Full Farm

Loyal to Soil: Regenerative No-Till Practices for Garden & Pasture

Monday, July 8th

Thorp, WA

Learn how the farmers at Spoon Full Farm are fulfilling their mission of being “Loyal to Soil” through their Whole Earth farming practices. We will discuss their no-till garden and pastures, carbon sequestration projects, and regenerative practices. We will also hear about their strategies for building a brand and their dedication to customer service, as well as their best practices for complying with food safety standards.

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Lazy R Ranch & LINC Foods

Grass-Fed Beef: Creative Slaughter and Distribution Options

Monday, July 29th

Cheney & Spokane, WA


Blueberries pints

Viva Farms – Berry Growers

Arado Farm
Silva Family Farm
Regino’s Farm
Pure Nelida Organic Produce
Farias Farm
Cabrera Farm

Monday, August TBD

Mount Vernon, WA


Lost Peacock Creamery

Creative Marketing for Artisan Farmstead Goat Creamery

Monday, September 9th

Olympia, WA


Royal Produce

Date TBD

Wenatchee, WA