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Farm Walk 2019

That’s a wrap for the 2019 Farm Walk series! Scroll through the 2019 lineup below or pursue through the Farm Walk Booklet Library to learn more about farmer hosts and topics. And keep an eye out for the 2020 Farm Walk calendar!



Lost Peacock Creamery

How Not to Start a Goat Dairy: Lessons Learned & Models for Success from a Veteran, Female Farmer


Monday, September 9th

Olympia, WA

Join farmers Rachael Taylor-Tuller and Matthew Tuller of Lost Peacock Creamery as they share their story of how they came to be farmers, why they landed on a goat dairy, and how they are working to create a sustainable business model while sharing some of the harsh and humorous lessons they’ve learned along the way. As a veteran farmer, Rachael will talk about farming as a method of healing and guest experts will be on hand to share resources and opportunities that exist for veteran farmers. We will also cover marketing strategy, agritourism as an income stream (yes, that includes goat yoga!), and food safety requirements as we walk the farm. Rachel and Matthew will showcase their favorite fencing systems, discuss their soil health management plan, and how they use herding and guard animals such as dogs, llamas, and…peacocks? Participants will have the opportunity to observe the afternoon milking, sample Lost Peacock Creamery cheese, and tour the milking parlor and processing facilities.
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Arado Farm, Silva Family Farm, Regino’s Farm, Pure Nelida, Farias Farm, and Cabrera Farms

Innovations in Strawberry, Raspberry and Blackberry Production

Innovaciones en la producción de fresas, moras, y moras negras


Monday, August 12th – 3pm to 7pm

Lunes, 12 de Agosto– 3pm a 7pm

Viva Farms – Burlington, WA

Viva Farms – Berry Growers

Come meet the farmers from Arado Farm, Silva Family Farm, Regino’s Farm, Pure Nelida, Farias Farm, and Cabrera Farms, who grow at the Viva Farms Incubator in Burlington, WA. Throughout the Farm Walk we’ll have the opportunity to learn from both experienced and beginning growers about their innovations for planting, production, and harvesting of strawberries, raspberries and blackberries. We’ll also hear from WSU researchers and industry experts about best practices for post-harvest handling, shelf life and fruit longevity. The Farm Walk will also touch on irrigation, pest and disease management, and food safety in organic production.

Venga a conocer a los agricultores de Arado Farm, Silva Family Farm, Regino’s Farm, Pure Nelida, Farias Farm y Cabrera Farms, quienes producen en la incubadora de granjas Viva Farms en Burlington, WA. A lo largo de la Caminata de las granjas, tendremos la oportunidad de aprender de estos agricultores expertos y principiantes sobre sus innovaciones para la siembra, producción y cosecha de las fresas y moras. Escucharemos también a los investigadores de WSU y los expertos de esta industria explicar las mejores prácticas para el manejo postcosecha y la vida útil de la fruta. La Caminata de las granjas también abordará el riego, el control de plagas y enfermedades y la inocuidad de los alimentos en la producción orgánica.

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Lazy R Ranch & LINC Foods

Holistic Management for Grazing Animals and Innovative Distribution Models

Monday, July 29th

Cheney & Spokane, WA

Join us for this two-part Farm Walk at Lazy R Ranch and LINC Foods! We will start the day at Lazy R Ranch where we will learn from 2018 Tilth Conference Farmer of the Year, Beth Robinette about her ranch’s approach to holistically managed grass fed meats. We will see how this 4th generation family ranch has used their livestock to heal the land and how Holistic Management is the decision making tool for everything they do, from adaptive management of grazing to direct marketing to their customers.  There is an WSDA on-farm custom beef harvest happening the morning of the Farm Walk so participants will have the opportunity to tour the handling site and observe the process. Also get a first hand look at the pasture management that allows Lazy R to mimic the natural symbiotic relationship between grazing animals and grasslands. The group will then make their way to the LINC Foods Warehouse where we will talk about cooperative business models, innovative food distribution, and how local farmers can band together to amplify their food system impact.
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Funding for this Farm Walk was provided by the WSDA and the WA MEAT UP, a statewide gathering for the small niche meats sector. Learn more at


Spoon Full Farm

Loyal to Soil: Regenerative No-Till Practices for Garden & Pasture

Monday, July 8th

Thorp, WA

Learn how the farmers at Spoon Full Farm are fulfilling their mission of being “Loyal to Soil” through their Whole Earth farming practices. We will discuss their no-till garden and pastures, carbon sequestration projects, and regenerative practices. We will also hear about their strategies for building a brand and their dedication to customer service, as well as their best practices for complying with food safety standards.

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Bluebird Grain Farms

Ecological Soil Management for Organic Grain Production

Thursday, June 13th

Winthrop, WA

Organic Heirloom Grains From Plow to your Plate! Find out how Bluebird Grain Farms uses cover crops and other soil health management practices to care for the earth they farm in the Methow Valley. Our host, farmer Sam Lucy will discuss tools for monitoring soil health such as soil and water testing and the importance of his cover crop regimen. We will also get a taste of what it means to be a plow-to-package grain farm as we touch on Bluebird Grain Farms processing operations including why they decided to vertically integrate and how they control for quality to produce fresh, safe, and delicious grains.

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Bright Ide Acres

Pasture Raised Meat: Pasture Management, Ethics, and Slaughter

Monday, May 20th

Orting, WA

Come meet farmers Andrew and Micha Ide of Bright Ide Acres in Orting, WA, a farm enterprise dedicated to the production of ethically raised meat on pasture. Well explore the rotational grazing system in place for poultry, sheep, and pigs on this 30 acre farm, and see the latest no-till pasture renovation trials being conducted in collaboration with WSU researchers. Well also have the chance to view the WSDA on-farm slaughter facilities at Bright Ide Acres, and will consider the regulations and food safety standards necessary for this type of operation. The Farm Walk will conclude with a Pierce Conservation District no-till drill demonstration for seeding forage or cover crops. A no-till drill training will also be available for those who wish to rent this equipment for their own use (sign up here).

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Check out Farm Walk Booklet
Funding for this Farm Walk was provided by the WSDA and the WA MEAT UP, a statewide gathering for the small niche meats sector. Learn more at