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Week 7 – Sustainable Crop Production

Posted by nwitham | October 3, 2020

Presenter’s Power Point:

PowerPoint – CS – WFP – Week 7 – Brad Jaeckel – Sustainable Crop Production PDF

Recorded Lecture:

Recording – Cultivating Success™: Whole Farm Planning – WEEK 7 – Sustainable Crop Production

Breakout Rooms:

Recording – Breakout Room, Clallam/Jefferson/Kitsap Counties – Week 7 – Crop Planning with Full Tilth Farm
c2334en PDF

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn a variety of crop production methods – sustainable, organic and conventional
  • Understand the principles of sustainable crop production
  • Learn common practices for crop production on small acreage farms
  • Be able to synthesize information provided and determine how you might apply practices to your farm


  • Implementing crop production practices that promote sustainability. Any combination of the following as time and interest allows.
    • Planning and planting the field or garden
    • Crop rotation
    • Cover crops/green manures
    • Fertilization/ Plant Nutrition
    • Meeting water needs (more on irrigation in section on Equipment and Facilities)
    • Harvesting and post harvest handling
  • Growing Organic
    • Principles of organic production
    • Industry trends
    • Certification process (Farm Plan)


Diversify Crops to Boost Profits and Stewardship. Produced with the Jefferson Institute, Sustainable Agriculture Network, USDA, 2004 (

An Overview of Organic Crop Production. Kuepper, G. Appropriate Technology Transfer for Rural Areas, USDA, 2004 Organic Crops PDF

Smart Water Use on Your Farm. Sustainable Agriculture Network, USDA, 2006

Basics of Vegetable Crop Irrigation. J.K. Kemble & D.C. Sanders, Alabama Cooperative Extension System, ANR-1169, 2000. (Basics of Vegetable Crop Irrigation PDF)

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