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Whole Farm Planning

A well laid out row crop vegetable plot.This essential course will walk you through the steps to prepare a well thought out plan for your land, life, and business. Use a whole systems lens to create a living plan for your farm future, designing for capacity and sustainability.

It is suggested that this course be taken first in the Cultivating Success series and helps participants explore the unique challenges associated with starting up and successfully running a farm or food business. Whether you are just exploring the opportunities available or already have an existing operation, you’ll learn what it takes to create, sustain, and grow a viable small farm enterprise.

This course also offers a crucial opportunity to build your community network with your cohort and with presenters including local growers, organizations, and university specialists with expertise in direct marketing, value-added processing, production planning, agronomy, livestock production, and more.

Course Locations:

This course is often offered in the Fall – Check back later for the Fall 2018 Schedule!