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Cultivating Success


The goal of Cultivating Success™ is to create and implement educational programs to increase the number and foster the success of sustainable small acreage farmers and ranchers.

The WSU Food System’s, Cultivating Success™ Program consists of three courses, Is a Small Farm in Your Future?Whole Farm Planning and Agricultural Entrepreneurship. The goal of these educational opportunities is to provide beginning and existing farmers with the planning and decision-making tools, production skills, and support necessary to develop a sustainable farm or food business. Cultivating Success™ connects the student with farmers and exposes them to real world situations through a community-based, experiential approach. Whether you are a community member wanting to learn how to plan your farm business, or an experienced farmer/rancher wanting to try something new – Cultivating Success™ provides educational opportunities for anyone interested in the knowledge and skills you need to be successful in your food or farm business!

The three courses, Is a Small Farm in Your Future?Whole Farm Planning and Agricultural Entrepreneurship courses are offered in various locations around Washington to audiences that include new and experienced farmers, academic students, immigrant farmers, and agricultural professionals. See if there’s a course coming up near you!

You can also find out more about the Cultivating Success™ Idaho program by visiting


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Upcoming Webinars:

5/26 Webinar: Fundamentals of Produce Safety – Part 2 – Cultivating Success Webinar Series

Tuesday, May 26, 2020 | 11 am PST / 12 pm MST | Fundamentals of Product Safety: Part 2 This webinar series will focus on the fundamentals of produce safety for small and very small [...]

6/2 Webinar: Taking Eggs to Market, Safe Egg Handling and Delivery – Cultivating Success Webinar Series

Tuesday, June 2, 2020 | 11 am PST / 12 pm MST | Taking Eggs to Market: Safe Egg Handling & Delivery Chickens are considered the gateway drug to farming and, before they know it, [...]

Online Webinars by Our Idaho Partners:

Small Farm & Ranch Webinar Series Recorded Webinars


The foundational elements of Cultivating Success™

  • Farmer Mentorship
  • Experiential Learning
  • Community Place-Based
  • Whole Systems Focused
  • Small Farms

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