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On-Farm Internships

The Cultivating Success™ On-Farm Internship Program endeavors to connect established Washington State Mentor Farmers with those interested in exploring agriculture as a career path. New and beginning farmers, who apply and are accepted, will be paired with experienced Mentor Farmers that are operating farm and food businesses. Interns will learn through a co-created, hands-on practicum, immersing them in the intricacies of operating a small-scale agricultural business.

WSU Food Systems also offers Continuing Education Units (CEUs) to interns registered within the Cultivating Success™ On-Farm Internship Program, although it may be necessary to pay a small fee. Receiving academic credit for an on-farm internship would require enrollment at an academic institution. Please note that each Mentor Farmers approaches internships in their own way. The program offerings, application process, and any costs will vary from farm to farm.

Intern smelling sweet soil