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Evaluating the Impacts of Varieties on the Nutritional and Functional Characteristics of Pulse Flours and their Proteins

Fellowship Details


The undergraduate research and extension fellow will work directly with the Food Processing Specialist Dr. Girish Ganjyal at the WSU School of Food Science, in Pullman, WA. The fellow will assist in a variety of tasks relating to the WSU Process Authority Services as well as participate in an independent research project related to shelf-stable foods. Extension tasks may include assistance with workshop preparation and execution, development of extension fact sheets, and development of online laboratory training videos. Research project will include laboratory testing of various fresh produce and value-added products derived from them.

Learn Outcomes

To develop both hard and soft skills related to research and extension while addressing the needs of the pulse industry by providing educational resources. This may be achieved by:

  • Conducting original research that adds to the current body of knowledge related to pulse quality
  • Provide educational information in a variety of forms (extension publications, and peer reviewed journal articles)