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Week 2 – Marketing & Business Strategies

Posted by nwitham | October 8, 2020

Presenter’s Power Point:

PowerPoint – CS – WFP – Week 2 – Laura Raymond – Marketing and Business Strategies PDF

PowerPoint – CS – WFP – Week 2 – Rachael Tuller – Farm Personas PPT

Recorded Lecture:

Recording – Cultivating Success™: Whole Farm Planning – WEEK 2 – Marketing and Business Strategies

  • Gain an understanding of the various direct marketing channels and the opportunities and challenges of each
  • Learn the importance of market research for developing a marketing plan
  • Learn how to assess consumer trends, target markets, and potential competition
  • Become familiar with resources of direct marketing


  • Direct Marketing Strategies
  • Challenges and opportunities of various types of direct marketing channels
  • Determining if your product or service will sell: analysis of potential markets, consumers, competition, etc.
  • Identifying consumer trends
    Assessing the “value” or “uniqueness” of your product or service


Resource – WSDA Regional Market Program “Green Book”, The Direct Marketing Handbook WEBSITE

Resource – Marketing Strategies for Farmers and Ranchers PDF

Resource – The New American Farmer PDF


Activity – Quick Market Survey DOC

Assignment – Direct Marketing Strategies DOC

Assignment – Farmers Market Analysis DOC

Worksheet – Farm and Ranch Marketing Assessment DOC

Worksheet – Direct Marketing Self Assessment DOC


One thought on "Week 2 – Marketing & Business Strategies"

  1. Jocelyn Burns says:

    This is amazing information and I have already learned so much in just one week.

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