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Week 5 – Integrated Pest & Weed Management

Posted by nwitham | October 5, 2020

Presenter’s Power Point:

PowerPoint – CS – WFP – Week 5 – Chris Benedict – IPM and Weed Management PDF

Recorded Lecture:

Recording – Cultivating Success™: Whole Farm Planning – WEEK 5 – Integrated Pest and Weed Management

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn basics of integrated pest management (IPM)
  • Understand IPM concepts and strategies; preventative methods, increasing
  • beneficial insects, scouting and determining economic thresholds, etc.
  • Learn common alternative weed management practices
  • Develop ideas about pest and weed management practices adaptable to your farm
  • operation


  • Integrated Pest Management:
    • Cultural, biological, physical and chemical control methods
    • Principles of IPM, including strategies for prevention and assessment of damage
  • Ecological Weed Management:
    • Alternative methods of weed control using
      • Cultural methods: planting dates, spacing, crop rotation
      • Mechanical methods: by hand, mowing, cultivating equipment, flaming Biological: grazing by sheep or insects
      • Physical: mulches


Resource- A Whole-Farm Approach to Managing Pests PDF

Resource- Integrated Pest Management: Effective Options for Farmers PDF

Resource- Principles of Sustainable Weed Management for Croplands PDF

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