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Covid-19 Prevention Videos in Spanish

Posted by tia.taylor | September 17, 2020
Below are links to Covid-19 prevention videos that we produced in the Gorge. These videos are in Spanish and have been produced in the by Community Health Workers at The Next Door Inc, as a project of our Migrant/Seasonal Farmworker Task Force. 


Here are the links to all the completed videos to date:
Las Vacunas (Vaccines)  


Uso de las mascarillas (How to use masks properly)


Sana distancia (Social distancing)


Diferencias entre virus y bacterias (Differences between virus’ and bacteria)


Sintomas (Symptoms)


Larvarse los manos (Hand washing)


Desinfectando la casa (Disinfecting the house)


Historias de algunas pandemias del mundo (stories of world pandemics)  

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