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Financial Resources: Farmer Veteran Coalition 2020 Farmer Professional Development Application

Posted by tia.taylor | June 26, 2020

2020 Farmer Professional Development Application


1. Must be a member of Farmer Veteran Coalition and living in the PNW.
2. Have served or are currently serving in any branch of the United States Military.
3. Currently serving service members must provide a letter of support from their commanding officer or designated representative attesting to their characterization of service.
4. Must be engaged in farming, agroforestry, mariculture, food production, the food supply chain, or other food based enterprise etc.
5. Previous Fellowship recipients are NOT eligible to re-apply.
6. Must be willing to fully participate in the Fellowship Program, which includes periodic progress reports, mentoring other farmer veterans and a desire to make a positive impact on the farmer veteran community. Washington State Chapter of the Farmer Veterans Coalition is a non-profit organization

Mission: Support veterans and their families in agriculture to strengthen our communities across Washington State.

Intent: support a minimum of 6 separate individuals with available funding.

The state chapter has funding for 2020 to help pay for registration fees for conferences, workshops, and trainings for members of the state Chapter. Examples include but are not limited to WSU’s Cultivating Success program, Focus on Farming, Tilth Annual Conference, The Small Farms Expo, AgForestry Leadership and Women in Agriculture. The education must either pertain to the farming or producing the farmer is currently doing, or provide inspiration for future growth within the business. The education requests must be relevant to the farming or food production aspects of the business or impact the future health of the business.

You can see more information at Up to $400 is available per individual registration, for up to 2 requests per farm, and or individual. The funding will cover registration fees only (and meals, if they are included in the registration); it will not pay for lodging, transportation, or outside meals. To receive this funding, you must:

1. Submit an application at least 3 weeks in advance of the event, exceptions can be made at the descension of the Farmer Veteran Coalition Education Subcommittee.
2. Agree to submit a copy or photo of the workshop agenda or something that validates attendance; and
3. Agree to be available for questions from other members of the Washington State Chapter of the Farmer Veterans Coalition to learn from your experience.

All requests are approved or denied by a Washington State Chapter of the Farmer Veterans Coalition education subcommittee. You will receive a response within one week from a committee member indicating that your application has been received, and approval or denial within two weeks. Applications will be considered and funds awarded on a rolling basis until December 31, 2020 or until the funding runs out (whichever happens first).

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