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Watch: Platform for Real Food, Opportunity for All Producers

Posted by tia.taylor | June 25, 2020
This webinar was part of a toolkit focused on the second plank of HEAL’s Platform for Real Food, Opportunity for All Producers. For more about the history and policies that shaped the challenges that BIPOC producers face, check out the attached fact sheet that we co-authored with the Union of Concerned Scientists. As follow up to our conversation, we’ve also attached a graphic that Sonia Galiber shared. The graphic explains more about what is meant by white/dominant culture, especially in the workplace.
A special thanks to our incredible members who spoke on this webinar: 
Krysten Aguilar, La Semilla
Roberto Nutlouis, Black Mesa Water Coalition
Shania Morris & Sonia Galiber, Soil Generation
Tiffany Patton, Real Food Media
and to Violet “Veve” Marley, Cosmic Roots Farm & Dreaming Out Loud for the gift of song.

You can find a recording of the webinar here; please feel free to share with your partners, members, and community.

To support the critical work of some of the HEAL member organizations represented here today, please visit:

Black Mesa Water Coalition (note – BMWC’s site is down, so HEAL is collecting donations on their behalf. Donations will go directly to BMWC)

And you can follow Violet “Veve” Marley at @vevemarley_

Over the course of the next month, we’ll be releasing member interviews, a video, an explainer and a resource list – all part of the toolkit that digs deeper into all of the issues covered in this webinar. If you’re interested in expanding your understanding on the subject, and learning more about the incredible work being done by BIPOC producers who are part of HEAL’s membership and beyond, keep an eye out for these resources on our website and social media, or sign up for our newsletter

Thanks for all you do to support racial justice and transformed food and farm systems!

In community,

The HEAL Team

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