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Resources: Meat Processing Links

Posted by tia.taylor | May 11, 2020
  • This thread discusses how Covid-19 is shedding light on perennial issues faced by niche meat processors and the need to expand opportunities and training for small and medium sized regional processors
    • The Niche Meat Processor Assistance Network (NMPAN) runs a listserv for folks involved with meat and poultry processing (register here)
    • This webinar on Business Strategies for Small Meat Processors discusses what COVID-19 means for small processors, labor laws, food safety, and more. Recording here.
    • In Wisconsin, the Passion for Pork program connects pork producers with smaller local meat processors to help meet the demand for meat in food banks food bank
    • Utah’s Dept of Ag and Food is temporarily certifying small businesses to process livestock for commercial purposes
    • For meat processors located in communities that receive HUD CDBG funding, some funding may be used towards COVID needs. Quick guide here.
  • Multiple resources in this message including case studies on meat processing and collaborative projects, pain points and suggested solutions. And Cornell Small Farms Program hosts webinars and has plenty of resources for livestock producers.

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